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Acres zoned and master planned for data center development


Megawatts of on-site generated power

<10 ms

Multiple low-latency fiber on-ramps to major cloud and service providers

$100 MM

In tax exemptions and other incentives for Ohio data center development

The 125+ acre Long Ridge Data Center campus site is north of Hannibal, Ohio situated outside the 500 year flood plain in the Ohio River Valley. It features ample onsite and diverse grid power, redundant fiber and carrier independence, access to natural cooling sources, nationally recognized tax incentives and a best-in-class team lead by Long Ridge Energy and Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure. This campus site is tailored for hyperscale, wholesale, government services data center development.

Features & Benefits


  • 485MW on‐site generated, reliable, baseload from Long Ridge Energy 
  • 8-10 MW of on-site solar energy (in planning and design)
  • On-site generated = lowest delivered cost of delivered power
  • Long‐term fixed price power allows for predicable operational cost 
  • Diverse and redundant power available from AEP


  • Access to key exchange points in Pittsburgh, PA, Columbus, OH, & Ashburn, VA
  • Multi-carrier options providing on-ramps to all major public and private cloud service providers
  • Dark and lit fiber services available
  • Diverse sub-grade routes leveraging owned and public rights-of-way


  • 125+ acres of land readily available for initial data center buildout
  • Situated outside of the 150 mile radius of DC/Ashburn providing ideal security, disaster recovery and survivability characteristics
  • Existing 138kV transmission lines offer grid‐integrated redundancy and 500MW of power
  • Existing river water intakes can currently provide 5.5 million gallons-per-day of cooling water – expandable to 14 million gallons-per-day


  • Ohio sales tax abatement program (up to 100%) for data centers investing at least $100mm
  • No personal property tax and a PILOT program available to minimize real property tax; other tax credits available
  • Project has strong support from local/state constituents, regulators and JobsOhio
  • Long Ridge is located within an Ohio Opportunity Zone, providing additional tax incentives for data center investment within Monroe County


The Long Ridge Data Center campus is located 90 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, PA just south of I-70, a major East/West highway and fiber corridor.

The campus is partnered with the Long Ridge Energy Terminal providing low‐cost fixed price power, key existing infrastructure, and compelling data center development tax incentives

Site Characteristics

  • Previously disturbed land zoned for industrial activity allows for expedited permitting
  • Existing dedicated transmission lines, river intakes, discharge outfalls and owned railroad right-of-way 
  • Major highway access, a private rail line intersecting with Norfolk Southern, and two barge docks provide potential for reduced construction costs

Existing Infrastructure

1 Onsite Power Station

485 MW baseload onsite power plant allows for nationally competitive cost of power

2 Transmission Redundancy

500MW available from grid in addition to on‐site power plant

3 Site
  • 125+ acre data center campus site with expedited permitting process and tax incentives
  • Data center campus 100% outside of 500-year flood plain
4 River Intake

Currently have 5.5 million gallons-per-day available with ability to upgrade to 14million gallons-per-day

5 Fiber Access
  • Diverse and sub-grade fiber routes via both private right-of-way and state highway
  • Multiple fiber service providers offering on-ramps to all major cloud providers
  • Access to dark and lit fiber services
6 Renewable Energy

40+ acres of land available for potential solar farm buildout

Existing Infrastructure

Master Plan (Illustrative)

Master Plan (Illustrative)


  • 125+ acres of land immediately available for data center shells; room for up to 500 MW depending on design
  • 200 acres of additional buildout available in the near term
  • Illustrative example shows
    • 300MW of IT power
    • Two 1 million SF buildings and one 400K SF building with multiple data halls
    • Locations for customer-owned backup diesel/gas generators and potential for grid‐independent redundant power sources

Download Master Plan PDF



  • Diverse and redundant fiber routes from the Long Ridge Data Center campus that reach Pittsburgh, Columbus and Ashburn, VA
  • New conduit system to provide sub-grade, secure, and diverse access to the data center campus
  • Planned east and west routes for dark fiber, lit services + carrier interconnections


  • Diverse fiber entrances onto the campus
  • Multiple carrier providers available
  • Access to all major public and private cloud providers



On-Site Baseload Generation

  • 485 MW baseload combined cycle power plant under construction with a completion data of November 2021
  • 8-10 MW on-site solar energy (in planning and design)
  • Existing 138kV transmission lines (500MW capacity) currently connected to the Kammer substation located 10 miles away in West Virginia – able to purchase power from utility at market rates


  • Able to provide below‐market power rates due to on-site generation
  • Offering long term, fixed price power contracts with our Long Ridge Energy partner to provide rate and operating cost stability 
  • Power absorption and associated rates scale seamlessly due to on-site power generation 

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